I decided to switch to the 10.5.2 Kalyway distribution because that had a feature which I could not make work with the iATKOS distro, which is the sleep function. One of the reasons I love OSX is the ability to sleep and resume instantly.

I installed with the following options:
Graphics Drivers - Intel - GMA950
Audio Drivers - Intel NVIDIA VIA ATI HD Audio Controller, NVIDIA AC97 Audio, and Realtek Sigmatel Conexant AnalogDevices HD Audio
Wifi_Cards - IO80211Family. wifi_Atheros_Adapter
Mobo_Chipsets - AppleNForceATA, AppleOnboardPCATA, AppleVIAATA, AppleGenericPCATA, SiliconImage3132
Patches-Lastnetkassmbios, PCGenUSB_Fix, PowerManagement_bundle
    • Most of these were selected by default

Installation took roughly an hour.

Upon bootup, wifi worked immediately since I had already replaced the Wifi card with a Dell 1390.

The only additional Kexts I installed, with the help of Kext Helper B7 which is included in the installer DVD for Kalyway (don't forget to include it when selecting your options), are the following:
1. Intel 950 drivers from : Google code
2. Ethernet drivers from: Realtek
3. Clamshell Display Kext to enable sleep via display lid closing: Clamshell Kext

Please view the Overall Status page.

Overall am sticking to Kalyway distro